Healthy Babe of the Day!


Name/Tumblr url: deven, of deveninanewdress fame. except not really.

Height/Size: 5’2”, US 12-14.

How did you discover HAES? i follow the lovely meron and she turned me on to it. double entendres all up in there. >:D

What does living a healthy life entail for you? working out daily, drinking water like it’s going out of style, eating fruit in the same fashion, working on my positiveness.

What are some of your favorite foods? oh, god. macaroni and cheese. there’s this macaroni  restaurant by my house, max n cheese? they get all my money. all of it.and breakfast burritos, i like those too.

What are your favorite ways to be active? i love to swim. i also weight-train, and bike two miles over to my grandma’s whenever i can, where she gives me cooking lessons.. 

What makes you feel strong? when i exert my willpower. i like to work out, but the energy exerted in actually getting myself to the gym is extraordinary. i am really weak-willed, so any time i set my mind to something and do it? i feel great.

Emotional health matters too! What do you do to center/care for yourself emotionally? i blog. i talk to my sister. i eat peach gummy rings (guilty pleasure). i pray.

Describe a moment when you felt less than great about your body: god, all through out high school. any time i wore “mom jeans” to cover my stomach. ugh.

What was a moment when you felt particularly empowered/body positive? prom, 2009. i had taken a weight-training class all that winter, and gotten down to my current size (i used to be about 16-18). everyone was exclaiming over me and my curves. 

Any advice? be happy before you do anything. just saying “I HATE MYSELF I’M GOING ON A DIET!” won’t do a damn thing. even if you lose weight, you’ll still be unhappy. be happy whatever size you are. if you want to change, change, but be positive about it. and stay positive even if it doesn’t work as fast as you like, or not at all. you have to live with you for the rest of your life, so you might as well be pleasant about it.

Thanks for sharing, Deven! That is a key piece of advice, honestly, so very important. You look great!

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